ZZ ZONEX T 650 LED Torch Light Review & Guide

ZZ ZONEX 5 Modes T-650 Portable Bright IPX5 Waterproof Zoom able Long Range Focus Flashlight Emergency Led Lights

With an XML T6 bulb, the ZZ ZONEX T-650 flashlight is an outstanding product to illuminate an entire room where there is no light. Also, it can be used for focusing up to 1000 feet on a specific object. Because of its ultra-light design, it can be used for multiple purposes without any hassle. Whether … Read more

6 Best Use of Pedestal Fan in India

Use of Pedestal Fan in India

The demand for pedestal fans in the past few years has increased due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is that they offer some benefits that no other type of fan offers. These fans come in different varieties to make sure that you get what you need. Moreover, when you compare a pedestal … Read more

Best & Safe Way to Use Step Ladder

Most people who depend on step ladders for their daily work might take them for granted, some others might simply neglect the fact that they could cause accidents if handled carelessly. This is true, step ladders have become a common commercial or household accessory these days, however, like all the other ladders they also are … Read more

What are the Features Making Pedestal Fan Best Buy?

Features Making Pedestal Fan

Electric fans have come a long way from just table and ceiling fans to pedestal fans with unexceptional features and quality. While most of the other fans offer only limited features, a pedestal fan is entirely different. So, what makes a pedestal fan very different? What makes it the best?  Pedestal Fan Features As far … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tower Fans

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tower Fans

When the sun is out and your room feels exceptionally hot, you might feel like turning the fan on. As numerous people do not tend to have air conditioners, they switch to have ceiling fans. However, ceiling fans surely steal the look from your room and make it look like any other regular room of … Read more

How To Choose The Best Blankets For Winter

Winter is at its starting point, and of course, when it reaches its peak, you will need something to feel comfortable, cozy, and warm even during the days and nights. However, Indian climate conditions are not the coldest one, but you might have seen the raging winter season if you live in north India. And … Read more